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Sydney Australia

sydney australia

When planning a trip to Sydney Australia travelers will want to visit all the beautiful sights and attractions this destination has to offer. A well planned trip will have travelers at ease as they don’t have to rush to find one attraction to the next. One important tip is to map out each sight in order to plan the amount of time needed to travel from one spot to the next.

One hot spot to visit in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. This beautiful opera house was designed by a Dutch architect, Jorn Utzon, and was opened on October 20, 1973. The opera house is a performing arts center located by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Be sure to check for any upcoming events or just a photo opportunity outside of the opera house.

Bondi Beach is a beautiful beach which is perfect for surfers to catch waves or for a walk on the sand at sunset with that special someone. If dining on the beach travelers will have the chance for some sea-viewing as they enjoy a meal.

The Taronga Zoo is another tourist attraction in Sydney. This zoo has been home to wild life since October 7, 1916. There are over 2,600 animals from 340 species that live in the zoo. There is also a zoo shop and a café where visitors can enjoy lunch or an early dinner. In 2009 the first elephant birth took place at the zoo. Tourists can also utilize the Taronga Zoo ferry service which is a 12 minute ride from the city to the zoo.

Tourists can also visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium has over 6,000 fish that live there. There are also tunnels that visitors can walk through to see sharks and a recreated Great Barrier Reef exhibit. Designers of the aquarium built the aquarium to resemble a large wave. This same theme is used today in the aquarium.

sydney australiaSome of the more popular restaurants in Sydney include the Cipro Pizza al Taglio. This casual dining restaurant offers patrons thick crusted pizza topped with fresh ingredients such as zucchini and ricotta for an Italian taste. The Paramount Coffee Project offers coffee and espresso bars. Some other menu items include double fried chicken waffles and peanut butter ice-cream. The décor of the Paramount Coffee Project offers high ceilings and art deco for visitors to take in.

The Henson offers friendly staff and extensive list of beer. This is a family friendly pub which offers a courtyard in the back for children to enjoy. The Kaho Pla offers Thai food with a bit of spice. Menu items include sashimi scalloped salad with a kick. They also offer tamarind-tangy pork ribs.

There are many places to visit attraction wise and for dining needs when planning a trip to Sydney Australia. Many places are family friendly as well so that everyone in the family can enjoy what Sydney has to offer in terms of places to visit and food to eat.

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