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Sao Paulo

sao paulo
Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, and is both the name of state, as well as city. It has about 10 million inhabitants. People call it "Sampa" and "land of drizzle". Its cuisine and art represent combination of multiple characteristics of several nations. Restaurants in Jardin district offer all kinds of meals you can imagine, and specialties are adapted to visitors from all around the world, so you wouldn't mistake if you visit Sao Paulo just for food. Other than food, there are situated world’s famous museums, diverse and picturesque districts and amazing shops. In Sao Paulo you can find more than 70 shopping malls, including the largest mall in Latin America (Centro Comercial Aricanduva with 500 stores), 400 hotels (the most chic hotel in South America is placed there, The Fasano), 12,500 restaurants (including more pizzerias than any other city in the world), 150 theaters, 50 cinemas, 90 museums, 50 parks and green areas. Sao Paulo doesn't have beach. The closest beach is located 72km away, in Santos. If there is no traffic jam, you should arrive to the beach in an hour. Here are the most famous sites to visit: sao pauloThe Julio Prestes Cultural Center – Sala Sao Paulo - It is located in the Julio Prestes Train Station in the old north central section of the city. It is home of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Sao Paulo and it is important house of concerts and events. Solo Sagrado De Guarapiranga - Beautiful garden where you can relax and enjoy. Theatro Municipal De Sao Paulo – It is a theater of great architectural and historic importance and first theater in Sao Paulo. Catavento Cultural e Educacional – Educative and cultural center with many activities designed for children. Football museum – Football is, as we all know, important part of Brazil, and Sao Paulo is no exception. There are four football teams: Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Palmeiras and Portuguesa. All football fans will definitely enjoy visiting this museum. Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo – Beautiful green area with small lakes, fountains and plants. Jardins District – Surrounded by lots of trees, many restaurants, shopping stores and hotels are placed here. Renault Theatre – Broadway theater in Sao Paulo sao pauloPedra Grande – Literally is one huge rock situated in park Horto Florestal. When you walk towards it, you will hear monkeys from trees nearby, and when you arrive there and sit on it, you will see entire city in front of you. Definitely worth climbing! Capela dos Aflitos – It is one of the oldest churches of the city, built in 1774. Paulista Avenue – Citizens of Sao Paulo are proud of this avenue, one of the largest business centers. The avenue is located between old and new parts of the city, so its architecture is also very interesting. Here you can find various art galleries, pubs, bookstores, restaurants, theaters etc. More than 90,000 events are organized in Sao Paulo each year, including one of the worlds most important Auto Show, The Sao Silvestre Race and Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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