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Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls Canada
Niagara Falls Canada is the second biggest waterfall, right behind the first Victoria Falls and it represent series of massive waterfalls located in eastern part of North America, on a border between United States of America and Canada. They are part of Niagara River which is 52 kilometers long and nowadays it is the national park. On its short flow, this river has total fall of 99 meters, and real attractions, waterfalls and rapids extend on 13 kilometers length of Niagara River. Niagara Falls CanadaNiagara Falls are composed by three waterfalls that are separated and, even though they are not so tall, they are definitely pretty wide. One smaller waterfall called the Bridal Veil is separated from bigger one, known as American Fall, by the Luna Island. The third and the largest, Canadian Fall is also known as Horseshoe for its characteristic appearance. Those two smaller waterfalls that belong to the USA are separated from the Canadian by the Goat Island. All three waterfalls are approximately same height, about 55 meters, but the American Fall has width of 328 meters and the Canadian twice as much, 675 meters. Niagara Falls CanadaEach year more than 15 million people see magnificent image that huge quantity of water creates by falling down and from the force of the fall this water is being transformed almost in steam, dispersing it into the droplets. Definitely something that is interesting is the fact that the water in Niagara Falls never stops flowing, not even during winter, at extremely low temperatures. Even in 1902, when ice bridge was created from one side to another, water flew under that ice. Niagara Falls offer wide specter of activities for entire family. Beautiful and regularly maintained bicycle paths, pedestrian zones, parks, golf courts, swimming pools etc offer a lot of fun, so even though you are tourist you should take time to explore Niagara Falls and extremely pleasant local community. Only 100 meters from the waterfalls you can find hotels that offer incredible view of falls. Niagara Falls CanadaFamous Maid of the Mist tour represents half an hour tour that you will never forget. Maid of the Mist is boat with capacity of 600 passengers that takes tourist right to the bottom of the waterfalls. Those tours exist from 1846 and they are considered the oldest attraction in North America. There is no better way to approach and feel the power of waterfalls. Skylon Tower is the highest complex at Niagara Falls that contains absolutely everything that one tourist visit to the Niagara should contain. It includes closed and open watchtowers from 223 meters, two huge dining rooms with the view of falls. At the bottom of the Skylon Tower there is the largest closed amusement place, Skylon Fun Centre, with food courts, 4D cinemas, stores and other interesting things. You shouldn't also miss attractive Yellow Bugs, elevators in glass, located from the outside of the tower, which arrive to the top of the tower in 52 seconds and also offers attractive view of Niagara Falls. Whirlpool Aero Car tour is also something you should experience. It offers fantastic view of confluence of the Niagara River and steams.

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