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Helen GA

helen ga
Helen GA is a city in White County and a popular tourist attraction in the state of Georgia. It lies along the Chattahoochee River and was a former logging town and small community in the mountains. It is now best known as a tourism city, because in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was completely transformed with extensive construction work to make it into a replica Alpine Village. It now boasts cobbled streets and colourful, Bavarian buildings. Only an hour and a half away from Atlanta, it is well worth a visit. The most popular time of year to visit Helen is in the autumn. This is the time of year when many motorcyclists tour the area or families take a trip there. Helen is beautiful and colourful at this time of year, as well as hosting a popular Oktoberfest during the autumn season. Other popular events in Helen are the annual hot-air balloon race in June, Winefest, Alpenfest (Thanksgiving until Christmas), Fourth of July fireworks, Bavarian Nights of Summer and Volksmarch - a real mix of traditionally American and traditionally European celebrations. The outdoors is of huge importance in Helen and in the White County as a whole. This means that camping and lodges are the norm when it comes to accommodation, while hiking, cycling, fishing and climbing are popular pastimes or things to do for tourists. One such place to combine all of these things, is the Unicoi State Park and Lodge. It covers over 1000 acres and surrounds Unicoi lake. The freshwater lake is 53 acres in size and a hub of activity, including swimming, fishing, kayaking and boating. It is the perfect place to hire a paddle boat or have a family picnic or barbeque, while children enjoy one of three playgrounds. helen gaMost people head to the State Park for a full day of activity or even stay there overnight. There is plenty to do, including mountain biking and walking, with trails heading out to the Chattahoochee National Forest. The Lodge section of the Park includes a gift and craft shops, accommodation and a restaurant. This is the place to get those all-important family photographs with a stunning backdrop. The White County dates back to 1857 and as such it is rich in history of the Cherokee Native American Indians and early settlers and gold miners. It was once known for its timber trade but when this declined, the area revamped to offer Helen as a top tourist destination with a quaint and welcoming feel. Many people stop at Helen during their travels to soak up its unique atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy exploring the mines around the area, as well as horse riding or golf. There is something to suit all ages and the whole family, making it an ideal place to holiday for some fresh air and adventure. What’s more, the day can end with some freshly caught fish and a local glass of wine with people tired after a full day of activity.

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