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Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios FloridaTheme parks have always held a level of appeal to the public since their inception around a century ago. The whole idea of being able to go to a place where one is able to have lots of numerous options with regard to the rides on offer at their disposal is one that attracts people of all ages. These locations serve as ideal places to take friends and family when one is in the mood for some outdoor fun combined with a little bit of excitement. This popularity has continued to grow over the years as more theme parks continue to be established in different regions around the globe.

The Universal Studios Florida is one such park and as one can tell by the name, it is located in Florida, Orlando and its main theme revels around the showbiz industry with television and movie production being a particular topic of interest. This is of course due to the fact that the Universal Studios was initially a production empire on a sole basis before deciding to expand into other avenues of entertainment. The theme park is one of the younger establishments available in this industry as it was established in 1990 but this does not mean it has been outranked in the more essential elements such as matters of entertainment.

Universal Studios FloridaThe theme park features a multitude of rides that one can choose from as well as a number of live shows that take place during different periods of time. These shows offer a rare alternative for the few who may not be attracted to the numerous rides that are available. The theme park encourages its visitors to ride the movies which are a major theme in most of the rides that are available. Universal Studios Florida is part of a larger establishment, the Universal Orlando resort and offers a close option for individuals who may be lucky enough to spend their holidays at this particular resort if they are in search of nearby locations where they are able to enjoy themselves. The park hosts millions of visitors on an annual basis including people who are not staying at the main resort and has continued to grow in popularity since its inception.

The theme has been designed to feature most of its attractions around a man-made lagoon and has seven different themed areas that are based around this structure. All the different themes are based on various movies that have gained popularity over the years and have served to entertain movie goers on a global scale. There is also a sub-division of a kids zone which features rides that have been designed for smaller children who may accompany their parents to this fun loving theme park.

The different themes that can be found around the lagoon in Universal Studios Florida include:

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • World Expo
  • Hollywood
  • Woody Woodpecker's Kid zone
  • Diagon Alley/London
  • Production Central

All these areas are located in a manner that allows them to surround the lagoon giving it an aesthetic quality that can be enjoyed by those who visit the establishment.

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