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Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic MountainAmusement parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain have always been a start attraction for friends and family since their establishment in the late 1900s. The offers presented by these locations with their numerous attractions ensure that one is able to enjoy themselves no matter their particular tastes and desires. There are rides for those with the adventurous spirit as well as more toned down options for those who may just want to have fun without the expense of too much adrenaline. Six Flags Magic Mountain has been a star amusement park since its inception and as such is usually one of the first names that pop into people’s heads in relation to awesome amusement parks. However not very many people manage to familiarize themselves with all its attractions in its entirety as the 262 acres is filled with a record number of rides in the world. The amusement park was open in 1971 and was initially known as Magic Mountain, however 8 years on the park was purchased by the Six Flags Company and thus its current first name was added.

Six Flags offers a number of choices for those enjoy rollercoaster and have a record 19 different options in their park. It should be noted that this is a global record and no other amusement park in the world has as many rollercoasters available in their selection. The park gets millions of visitors each year and one could consider it a shame to be in Valencia, California without getting the opportunity to visit this attraction. There are a number of options that one can choose from in terms of the themes that are available at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Six Flags Magic MountainThe park is divided into 9 sections that have different themes available. These sections also include their own food service venues which make it easier for those who may want to grab a bite to eat in the same area as their children.

Some of the themed areas that can be found at Six Flags Magic Mountain include:

The Six Flags Plaza – This section is located at the main entrance point of the park and features a variety of store available for an individual’s shopping needs. There are a number of food venues for someone to choose from as well as a collection of other services such as photos for those who would like to capture the moment. There are also a number of guest relation areas situated at this location for those who may need assistance in any particular matter.

Baja Ridge – This section of the park is desert themed and features two popular rides in the area namely the viper and the revolution. The viper has two rides due its popularity and is a fun place to go when looking for a foreign feel in addition to the thrill. Samurai Summit – This section has an Asian/Japanese theme and features a number of Japanese folklore and mythology within its elements. It is a great place to go for those who are big fans of the various anime series available in the media. It features three rollercoasters within its area with Superman notably being part of the collection despite the character not being related to the Japanese culture. It is still a highly enjoyable ride nonetheless.

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