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Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de ParisNotre Dame de Paris is actually a French phrase that translates to “Our lady of Paris”. The word Notre Dame was made famous by the author Victor Hugo in his novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame but this has not been the only known relation to it, and the monument itself is also a popular feature of its inclusion with regard to related subjects. Also known as simply Notre Dame, the Notre Dame de Paris is a cathedral that holds a historic significance in the capital city of France and is one of the most popular Parisian monuments after the Eiffel tower. The cathedral is located in the capital city on the east of a region known as Île de la Cité. Notre Dame de Paris is considered to be one of the foremost representations of gothic influence within French architecture and has been praised as a work of art by a number of established artistes around the world.

Individuals have come to visit the Notre Dame de Paris for a number of reasons that could consist of either religious or leisure based incentives, but either way the monument is home to millions of visitors each year. Its location in an accessible but serene environment makes it advantageous for individuals who would rather avoid the hustle and bustle that can be found in most popular town centers and business districts. The religious nature of the monument almost invokes a form of somberness from those who visit the cathedral and it is quite rare to find the area alive with the same confusion that can be found in the middle of the city. Apart from its popularity, Notre Dame de Paris is also among one of the largest church buildings in the world. Notre Dame de ParisDespite its mainly gothic influence, Roman architecture can also be found in certain parts of the cathedral such as the sculptures and stained glass. This combination serves for a very attractive concoction and there are few places where it has been more successfully applied than within this French cathedral.

Notre Dame's position as the cathedral of the honorable Archdiocese of Paris also means that it is the location of the official chair (also known as the cathedra) of the Archbishop of Paris. The cathedral also maintains a treasury where some of Catholicism's most highly regarded relics are stored for safekeeping. These are known as First class relics and include popular items such as one of the holy nails and a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The crypts within the cathedral were formed to protect a number of historical ruins that had been discovered in 1968 and are managed by the Musée Carnavalet. These crypts house an exhibit that portrays the different styles of architecture that could be found during the various time periods of the cathedral's existence. The cathedral's organ is another impressive attraction within the Notre Dame de Paris with the looming instrument consisting of over 7000 pipes. The organ was completely computerized in 1992 merging the old with the new in the process.

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