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Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Finding the right amusement park may seem like a no-brainer to some individuals as one could simply choose to visit the one based nearest to your location. But individuals looking for memorable moments and adventure will need to be a little more specific while searching for options. Choosing the particular destination that one is going to visit will play a huge role in the level of success an individual is able to enjoy from their final choice. The wrong option could either leave someone out of the fun if the activity involved happens to be group based, or if one risks the threat of disappointment even when embarking on a sole journey. One popular option that would rarely disappoint however is Magic Kingdom. Needless to say, if one is ever in Bay lake Florida, this is one park that one would not want to miss out on, especially if there happens to be a contingent of children along for the ride.

The Magic Kingdom was first opened in 1971 and was built by the WED Enterprises. Its design was structured to be similar to that of the Disneyland Park in California and was meant to serve as a haven for the various characters found in the Disneyland fairytales available to the public. As such, the theme park is a hub of excitement for young children still engrossed by the cartoon characters that grace their screen on their free time. The chance to meet up with these characters on a live-set scenario is relished by any child between the ages of 4 and 12 not to mention the other fun attractions available for visitors belonging to a higher age bracket. The amusement park’s popularity has continued to grow over the years and it has been the most visited theme park in the world six years running during the heights of its popularity.

Magic KingdomThe amusement park is divided into six different sections identified by their particular themes. These areas offer numerous rides and are based on various fairytale fantasies that are brought to life by costumed employees representing people’s favorite Disney characters. The unique design of the park also adds to its originality with the overall shape being based on that of a wheel. The hub of the wheel’s design is situated at the front of the Cinderella castle which happens to be the main representation of the amusement park. The different sections are referred to as "lands" and are accessible through the various pathways that spread out through the park.

The different themed lands at the Magic Kingdom include: 1. Adventure Land 2. Frontier Land 3. Fantasy Land 4. Liberty Square 5. Story book circus 6. Enchanted Forest

They all offer a number of attractions and rides as well as various food venues where people can stop for a bite to eat in the midst of all their fun. Magic Kingdom is a good place to take the family when one is looking for a place where everyone will be able to enjoy themselves no matter their age.

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