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Island of Adventure

Island of AdventureThe Island of Adventure theme park is relevantly young compared to other establishments having been founded in 1999. It was established as part of an expansion project that formed the Universal Orlando Resort (previously Universal Studios Florida). The amusement park’s slogan, Live the adventure, portrays the product that is being offered by this particular attraction and has been a favorite destination for many children around the country.

The need to relax every now and then is apparent in everyone and sometimes one needs a place where they are able to meet up with friends and family and have fun filled day without too much fuss. One of the more common places for such interaction happens to be amusement parks with the variety of rides and other attractions that are available serving to provide a number of options for people who visit the location. One of the more popular theme parks in the country happens to be Island of Adventure and this is a destination that people living in or visiting Orlando should not miss the opportunity to visit.

As the name suggests, Islands of Adventure is based on a number of sections referred to as islands that hold a number of themed adventures within their midst. This adventure is offered in the form of the various rides and attractions that are available in these locations that are based on the particular theme of that island. The park initially had six islands but this was expanded to seven in 2010 when the harry Potter themed island “The Wizzarding world of Harry Potter” was added to the collection of adventures that were available to the public. An eighth island which will be known as Skull Island is currently under construction and is scheduled to be opened in 2016. Island of AdventureThe Harry Potter theme has proven a popular feature with fans of the books and movies and has led to an increased number of visitors that frequent the park on an annual basis.

The different islands are accessible from the main port of the theme park where guests depart from to visit the various islands. The change in scenario as one enters or departs one theme to another is amazing as careful detail is given to all the sectors of the park. Some of the more popular islands that are available to the public include:

1. Jurassic Park – This section is based on the movie Jurassic park and features a number of characters from the first movie as well as a number of dinosaur themed exhibits. The island is based on the concept of the actual Jurassic park from the movie and its design is detailed to emulate the fictitious location.

2. The Lost Continent – This island is based on the various myths and legends that can be found in the Arabian sourced stories such as Sinbad as well as the legend of the lost city Atlantis. The island is divided according to these aforementioned regions known as Sinbad’s bazaar and The Lost City.

3. Seuss Landing – This island in particular focus on children based themes and is focused on the characters and stories from the famous author Dr. Seuss as the name would suggest.

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