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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland ParisFamilies visiting France may be attracted to Disneyland Paris for this reason in particular as it offers the best package deal available to those with a lot of tastes and wants to take into consideration when going out. Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort located in one of the newer towns in Paris known as Marne-la-Vallée. Though Paris is considered to be the city of love and is popularly associated with romance, it is worth remembering that this part of Paris is only accessible to the adult section of its visitors. The increase in tourism has led to an increase in visitors to the capital city of France and these include families consisting of children and various youth levels. These crowds are not concerned with creating romance in the air, but are rather looking for locations where they would be able to enjoy themselves during their stay in the city.

This resort is only the second Disney Park to be based outside of the United States and as such poses as a major attraction to individuals travelling or living around Europe. The complex has a number of business and entertainment establishments within it and is designed to accommodate people of all ages. The design of the Disneyland in Paris was structured to follow that of the original Walt Disney World which gives it a feel of familiarity for those who may have visited the theme park in Florida.

Disneyland Theme Parks

Disneyland ParisThere are two theme parks that can be found on the Disneyland Paris grounds and both are based on Walt Disney concepts that have been established in the United States. These theme parks serve as major attractions to children and these young visitors can spend hours exploring the wonders to be found within these locations. The theme parks include Disneyland Park which was actually the first park to be established and was opened together with the resort in 1992. This theme park is based on the concepts of Disneyland as well as Magic kingdom and is filled from characters found in this category. The opportunity to mingle with one’s favorite cartoons and heroes is one that should be afforded to every child should they get the chance, and a trip to Disneyland is a practical way of making such dreams come to life.

The second theme park was opened 10 years later in 2002 and is known as the Walt Disney Studios Park. This park involves more concrete concepts and is not purely made up of the fictional characters that are found in children’s stories. The park instead goes a step further in the celebration of the show business side of Disney including their latest movies and other productions to be released as well as a certain level of behind the scenes access that was previously not available. This park is able to attract the somewhat older age brackets that may be on their way out of the cartoon phase they enjoyed while they were younger. Apart from the theme parks, Disneyland Paris also has a section known as Disney village which consists of a number of eateries, shops and entertainment venues where older crowds are able to enjoy themselves.