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Cedar Point

Cedar PointEveryone loves amusement parks and Cedar Point should not be left out of the list. It's one of those places where family and friends can all come together and have a good time. There are a few things that hold mass appeal to the public but the concept of rollercoaster rides and other fun activities has never faded from the majority of people. Despite an individual's age, one can find that they still like to get out and go for a thrilling afternoon every now and then. When looking for the perfect place to visit Cedar Point should be a standout option for those who happen to be in the Sandusky, Ohio area. This amusement park which has been open since 1870 has a number of fun-filled rides and different general areas where a family can go and enjoy themselves. The park which is over 300 acres large happens to be second in terms of the oldest amusement parks established in the United States and can be considered to be one of the flagships of the amusement park era.

The amusement park is popularly known as America's roller coast and features an astounding 72 different rides which happens to be a world record achievement. The park offers 16 options for those who would like to test their courage via a rollercoaster ride and this number puts it second in line with regard to the most rollercoaster available. Cedar PointCedar point however is not just a place full rollercoaster rides and other game booths and there are a number of attractions that are suitable for those with quieter tastes such as the various shops and stores open and filled with a wide variety of memorabilia. There is also a white sand beach available that is over a kilometer long so one can enjoy a leisurely walk in the sun should they feel the need. There are also a number of eateries available for those who would prefer to have their lunch after the rollercoaster ride, which would in fact be a wise decision for first timers.

It should be noted that the park runs on a particular operating system that dictates the times and seasons that they are open. In order to get the best out of an experience one should plan their trip according to the length of time they desire to spend at the amusement park and the various opening days that come with each season. The park is open daily during the early month of May which runs on until Labor Day. Afterwards the park is only open on the weekends until the start of November, coinciding with a Halloween event known as “Hallo-Weekends”, which is a great attraction for those who are big fans of the holiday. The event features creative costumes and exhilarating setups that serve as a wonderful way to spend your Halloween with your loved ones.

Individuals excited about water themed activities will love the options available at Cedar point which includes both an indoor and an outdoor waterpark. The outdoor water known as Soak City offers a lot of fun in the sun for those individual who may be looking to work on their tan while the indoor park known as Castaway Bay offers fun and exciting rides for the adventurous soul.

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