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Arc de Triomphe

Arc de TriompheThe Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile is actually a French phrase that in English translates to "Arch of the star's triumph". The term Arc de Triomphe serves as a shorter form of the monument's original title and can be translated to "Triumphal Arch". It is one of the more popular sites in Paris and as such can be considered to be on the must see list of any individual visiting Paris.

The monument is located on the west of Champs-Élysées and stands in the center of Charles de Gaulle square. It was constructed to honor the soldiers who gave their lives for France during the French revolution and died brave warriors of the ensuing battles that existed during those turbulent times. The Napoleon wars have not been excluded from the monument either and soldiers who were involved in these battles as well have been honored by the Arc de Triomphe. As such, it can be seen as one of Paris' foremost popular war based monuments in the city. The structure was constructed in a bid to ensure that those who gave their lives for their country during these troubled times were not forgotten.

The Arc de Triomphe can be described as the pivot of a wonderful design known as the Axe historique (French for historic axis) which is made up of a number of various monuments and other thoroughfares that form a sequence through a route covering the Louvre's courtyard up to what is known as the Grande Arche de la Défense. Arc de TriompheThe monument was designed in the 1800s and is another example of the progress that was made by early French architectural designs. The most popular feature of this monument is the list of names of celebrated soldiers that have been inscribed on both the inner and outer walls of the iconic structure.

The monument is quite an imposing figure standing at 50 meters tall and up till the early 1900s, it held the record of being the tallest triumphal arch in the world. A popular video reel shot in 1919 involving the Arc de Triomphe, is that of a pilot flying his aircraft through the monument in celebration of the end of the World War which serves as an example of the sheer size of the structure.

The Arc de Triomphe is easily accessible and one can travel to it via train, exiting at the Charles de Gaulle — Étoile station. The ease of transport makes the trip more enjoyable for those who may choose to visit the area. It should be noted however that due to the presence of fairly heavy traffic at the roundabout on which the arch is the centrally located, underpasses have been constructed for use by pedestrians providing a safer means of getting to the arch. One underpass is located in Champs Élysées while the other can be found at the Avenue de la Grande Armée. A small elevator is available to take visitors to a higher level of the arch where a museum telling the monument's story since its construction is located.

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